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Memobottle A5: The flat water bottle that fits in your bag

Sep 27, 2022 | Travel

A5 memobottle
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I’ve been trying to drink more water lately and came across the A5 memobottle. I liked the fact that it was a flat water bottle, and it looked like it would fit easily into my bag. The A5 memobottle is made from BPA-free plastic, and it holds 25 ounces (750 ml) of water. It’s perfect for carrying around with you, whether you’re at the office or going to the gym.

About the product

A5 memobottle

BPA-FREE and 25oz (750ml)

Memobottle is proud to present a water bottle that is BPA-free and 25oz (750ml). This means that you can drink worry-free knowing that your water bottle will not leach any harmful chemicals into your beverage. Furthermore, the memobottle is made of durable materials that are designed to last.

Includes a Stainless Steel lid

The flat water bottle that fits in your bag includes a Stainless Steel lid to keep your water cold and prevent spills.

Durable FREEZER SAFE Plastic

This water bottle is made from a durable, freezer-safe plastic that will help keep your drinks cold for hours on end. The memobottle is also BPA free, so you can safely use it without worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your beverage. With a 25oz capacity, this water bottle will quench even the strongest thirsts!

Designed to Fit in Your Bag – The A5 Memobottle is a Reusable Water Bottle for the Premium Drinker

The A5 Memobottle was designed to fit in your bag, so you can have access to clean water wherever you go. This reusable water bottle is perfect for the premium drinker who wants the best of both worlds: convenience and sustainability. Made from BPA-free materials, this 25oz water bottle will keep you hydrated all day long.

Review and Score

Our Score: 87/100

The A5 memobottle is a great product for those who are always on the go. It’s easy to slip into your bag or purse, and it’s BPA free, so you can feel good about using it. I would give it an 87 out of 100. The customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, with a few exceptions. For the most part, people seem to really like the A5 memobottle and think it’s a great purchase. The included two year manufacturing warranty also gives me a sense of confidence in the product.


Overall, I really like the A5 memobottle. It’s attractive and well-made, eco-friendly, and it actually does fit in your bag! The price is a bit high, but if you’re looking for a good quality water bottle that will last you a long time, the A5 memobottle is definitely worth checking out.

memobottle A5 The flat water bottle that fits in your bag | BPA Free | 25oz (750ml)
  • BPA-FREE, 25oz (750ml): The A5 memobottle is made from durable FREEZER SAFE plastic allowing you to safely and conveniently carry your water in your bag next to your laptop and books.
  • INCLUDES ONE STAINLESS STEEL LID: Take your memobottle to the next level with a touch of metallic stainless steel. The stainless steel lid is equipped with a durable and reliable silicon seal made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your memobottle can be trusted when placed with your precious valuables.
  • DESIGNED TO FIT IN YOUR BAG – The A5 memobottle is IDEAL FOR THE OFFICE, WITH COLLEGE BOOKS, AND FOR TRAVELLING. The A5 memobottle is a reusable water bottle for the premium drinker. The memobottle comes in recyclable packaging which includes a black and a white lid. The memobottle is a premium slimline, reusable water bottle designed to fit stylishly into handbags, backpacks, laptop bags and even within your pocket; designed to fit where other bottles don’t. The shape of the memobottle close
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURING WARRANTY. Max temperature: 212F (100 degrees celsius)

If you’re interested in other options for water bottles built for travel and mobility, check out our list of the top options on the market!

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