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Best Router Table in 2023

Oct 4, 2022 | Trending

Router Woodworking
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If you’ve ever had the frustration of your router sliding across your wood working project, ruining hours of work- you know you need a router table. The Best Router Tables gives you a sturdy surface to work on, so you can focus on creating beautiful pieces instead of fighting with your tools.

See below for our top router table recommendations! We also provided a top 10 things to consider guide to help you make your decision.

Top 3 Router Tables

No. 1
BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table 27 in. x 18 in. Aluminum Top with 2-1/2 in. Vacuum Hose Port
  • Benchtop router table design – Features a large aluminum top for extended work area, durability and precision
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate – Pre-drilled for compatibility with a variety of routers and for above-table height adjustment
  • Extra tall aluminum fence – Has adjustable faceplates and feather boards to maximize precision and versatility
  • Dedicated standard dust-collection port – Fits standard 2-1/2 inch vacuum hoses for debris-free operation to help keep your work area clean
  • Easy-to-use adjustable feather boards – Attach to fence and table, providing additional guidance and kickback protection
No. 2
SKIL RT1323-01 Router Table and 10Amp Fixed Base Router Kit
  • ROUTER TOOL COMBO KIT – Includes SKIL Router Table (SRT1039) and SKIL 10 Amp Fixed Base Corded Router (RT1323-00)
  • SKIL ROUTER TABLE – Equipped with Above the Table Adjustment, Integrated Bit Storage, Aluminum Mite Gauge Slot, Router Clamp, Starter Pin, and Two Featherboards for precise routing
  • SKIL 10 AMP FIXED BASE ROUTER – Powerful 10 Amp, 2.0 HP motor provides smooth and accurate routing from start to finish; equipped with soft start, speed control, and a live tool indicator
  • TALL FENCE WITH ADJUSTABLE FEATHERBOARDS – Tall 16-inch aluminum fence measures 24 inches wide and handles tall stock with ease, complimented by two featherboards, adjustable MDF face plates, and starter pin and guard
  • PRECISION ROUTING – Use the Router Table for the heavy routing and the Fixed Base Router to complete the task
No. 3
SKIL SRT1039 Benchtop Portable Router Table with Dual Sided Integrated Bit Storage
  • ABOVE THE TABLE ROUTER LIFT: Gain convenient access to router bits with the Above Table Adjustment provided by the SKIL SRT1039 all-inclusive Router Table
  • DUAL SIDED INTEGRATED BIT STORAGE: Protect and store router bits with a double door, quick latch integrated bit case. This integrated bit storage saves you time and provides a central location for easy to lose bits
  • PRECISION ROUTING: Router tool features a flat laying aluminum miter gauge slot, aluminum mounting plate, router clamp, and two featherboards for durable, accurate routing
  • LARGE ALUMINUM FENCE: The tall 16-inch aluminum fence measures 24 inches wide and can handle tall stock with ease, while the fence is complete with adjustable MDF face plates and a starter pin and guard for smooth operation with taller work pieces
  • TWO FEATHERBOARDS: Two easy to use, adjustable router edge guides attach to the fence and router table to provide additional guidance and protection against kickback

Top 10 Considerations to Find the Best Router Table for You

There are many things to consider when purchasing a router table, but these 10 tips will help you choose the best one for your needs.

1. Determine what size router table you need. Router tables come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to choose one that will fit in the space you have available.

2. Consider the type of router you have. Some router tables are designed to work with specific types of routers, so be sure to get one that is compatible with yours.

3. Choose a router table with a sturdy frame. A well-built router table will last longer and provide a more stable work surface.

4. Make sure the table has an easy to adjust adjustable fence that can be locked into place. This will allow you to customize the width of your cuts and make more precise adjustments.

5. Consider getting a dust collection system for your router table. These are a must for any woodworking shop.

6. Make sure that the router table has enough space underneath to accommodate your router and other accessories.

7. Look for an adjustable router table fence that can be set at either 90 degrees or 45 degrees, depending on your needs.

8. A good router table should have a table top that is at least 3 inches thick, so it can support your router without warping or breaking.

9. Look for a router table with a large working surface. This will make it easier to work on longer pieces of wood.

10. Choose a router table that has a sturdy frame and legs. A solid frame will ensure that the table is durable and stable during use.

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