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Whether you’re a daredevil biker or just a casual rider, most of us can agree on one thing – nothing beats the feeling of cruising down the open road or on the slopes. But let’s face it, some rides are better than others – and it’s all thanks to the right tunes! That’s why we’ve rounded up the best helmet bluetooth speakers to make your ride more enjoyable. Get ready to rock out while staying safe with our top picks!

Are you looking to enhance your audio experience while you ride? Helmet Bluetooth speakers may be the perfect solution. By connecting a device with a Bluetooth-enabled audio system, you can listen to music, podcasts and more while riding safely and comfortably. Keep in mind that helmets with built-in speakers are not necessarily designed for the high volume necessary to overcome wind noise or the sound of an engine. For these applications, an external set of helmet Bluetooth speakers is recommended for optimum sound quality. Additionally, some riders prefer a pair of headphones over an external speaker system as they offer greater comfort and convenience. No matter your preference, reading through this guide is sure to provide useful information about helmet Bluetooth speaker technology as well as helpful tips on finding the best product for you.

Top 10 Best Helmet Bluetooth Speakers in 2023

Whether you’re an avid biker or an enthusiast who likes to enjoy the ride, having a quality helmet headset that offers superior sound quality is essential for improving your biking experience. In order to help riders make the important decision when it comes to picking the best helmet Bluetooth speaker for their needs, we’ve done comparisons of some of today’s top models.

You can also determine which features are most important when making a purchase such as microphone capability, noise-canceling technology and other advanced features. The products we have reviewed vary greatly in price range and functionality so you can choose one that fits your budget without sacrificing on quality. Here’s our selection of the best helmet Bluetooth speakers:

No. 1
JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset,Outdoor Headset,Waterproof Motorcycle Sports Headset,Speakers Hands Free,Music Call Control,Automatic answering,60 Hours Playing time High Sound System
  • 【Effective Distance 20m】One Helmet Bluetooth Headset wirelessly connected to two mobiles at the same time,Automatic connection and enjoy music,strong signal connection.Provide efficient and convenient communications in the riding.
SaleNo. 2
Wipeeyes Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset E1 Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset with CVC Noise Cancellation Stereo Music IPX6 Waterproof for Full face Helmet
  • 【Multifunctional helmet Bluetooth intercom headset】Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, Wipeeyes E1 allows you to make hands-free calls, enjoy the use of streaming Bluetooth music, listen to GPS voice guidance convenient intercom and Voice-activated digital assistant access, allowing you to enjoy the ride safely and happily.
SaleNo. 3
Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth, Drop-in Headphones – HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready Ski/Snowboard Helmet Headphones. Glove Friendly Controls, Microphone for Hands-Free Calls
  • PREMIUM BALANCED SOUND – Shred the slopes listening to your favorite tunes in high-definition sound with the Alta Bluetooth Helmet Speakers. Using 40mm Drivers and a premium Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chipset, the Alta wireless helmet headphones deliver balanced dynamic sound with deep bass at any volume level
SaleNo. 4
SaleNo. 5
ZOVTIX Motorcycle Helmet Speakers V5.3 High Battery Life Helmet Headphone IPX6 Automatic Answer/Call Music Control/Intelligent Noise/Wake up Siri, 2 Different Types of Mic【Compatible With All Helmets】
  • 【Multifunctional Motorcycle Helmet Speakers】Motorcycle Helmet Headset Wireless Technology V5.3, connects two mobile phones at the same time, enjoy the use of streaming Wireless music and listen to GPS voice guidance, allowing you to enjoy the ride safely and happily. Note: This motorcycle accessories is a single person use helmet speakers, it is unable to connect to other brands of headsets.
No. 6
Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth 5.3 Headset Speakers with 900mAh Battery, Outdoor Wireless Headphones Hands Free, Music Call Control,Auto Answer for Motorbike Sport Cycling, Skilling, Riding Earphones
  • 👍【Bluetooth 5.3, Support One-for-two】① Latest version of Bluetooth 5.3, adopts EDR Bluetooth technology, super signal transmission low power consumption. The effective distance of 65ft, can be paring with most Bluetooth devices such as phones, MP3, MP4, Navigator, and GPS. ②One helmet speakers can connect two mobile phones at the same time. Automatic connection and enjoy music.
SaleNo. 7
MAXTO Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Outdoor Headset Hands-Free Speaker Bluetooth 5.3 EDR Wireless Motorcycle Headset Automatic anwser Motorcycle Headset High Sound Quality Headphone
  • 🏍️[ MaxTo BT-11 Motorcycle Helmet Headset ]: BT-11 adopts the latest 5.3 Bluetooth chip, using the latest 5.3 + EDR Bluetooth technology, super signal transmission low power consumption, spending all Bluetooth devices, support auto-answer function, no longer need to manually answer the phone when the call, safe and fast
No. 8
Motorcycle Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones Outdoor Helmet Earphone Bluetooth Stereo Music and Voice Microphone Soft Cable Earphone Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset Universal Helmet Audio System
  • 【Bluetooth 5.2】: Bluetooth V5.2, Effective Distance 20m, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smart devices,Strong signal connection. 【Handsfree】The phone automatically answers after 3 rings to allow you to speak with your friends or business partners freely
SaleNo. 9
Unigear Bombing Ski Helmet Speakers – True Wireless Stereo Snowboarding Headphones with HDR Audio Technology, Drop-in Headphones Compatible with Any Audio Ready Ski or Snowboard Helmet, Bluetooth 5.0
  • TRUE WIRELESS & BLUETOOTH 5.0: Say goodbye to the earphones that spontaneously knot themselves. The Unigear Wireless Bluetooth headphones adopt the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to maintain a stable connection within ten meters and a faster transmission speed. As a result, you can enjoy conversations and music with no audio dropouts or interruptions.
No. 10
Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, Moman H4 Plus【Single Person Use】Motorbike Helmet Speaker Wireless Headphone Bluetooth 5.3 IPX6 Waterproof Noise Cancellation, Motorcycle-Helmet-Bluetooth-Headset-Speaker
  • 【Single Use&Bluetooth 5.3 & 2 smartphones conncetion】Moman H4 Plus motorcycle headset adopts Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which effectively reduces disconnection and noise caused by interference in the 2.4GHz frequency band. H4 PLus not only supports intelligent noise cancellation and voice assistant, it can also simultaneously connect two smartphones and meet different needs such as navigation/calling/listening to music at the same time.(❗❗❗Note: This product does not have the intercom function).

We hope this comparison helps you find the perfect helmet Bluetooth speaker for your needs!

Benefits of Helmet Bluetooth Speakers

Helmet Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists, skiers and motorbike riders who want to enjoy their music while they’re riding or participating in other outdoor activities. Not only do these speakers provide an inexpensive way to listen to music and podcasts, but they also offer a number of benefits including added safety, convenience and ease of use.

One of the best safety benefits of helmet Bluetooth speakers is that riders can be aware of what’s happening around them as they ride. Since the speakers are situated inside their helmets, the sound does not need to be played loudly in order for listeners to hear what’s playing. This means that cyclists, skiers and motorbikes riders won’t be distracted from hearing vehicles or unexpected hazards on their roadway or trails.

The convenience of helmet Bluetooth speakers is another major benefit. Biker can easily switch between different songs using their smart phone and control the volume, no matter where they may be riding. Furthermore, these speakers can also help riders communicate with each other without having to rely on calling or texting when riding in a group—a definite benefit for all involved!

Finally, helmet Bluetooth speaker are incredibly easy-to-use. A user simply needs to pair the device with their smartphone for it to function properly. In addition, since these devices come with long lasting batteries in many cases listeners are able enjoy tunes for hours before needing to charge them again—perfect for extended trips!

Different Types

Before purchasing a Bluetooth helmet speaker, it’s important to understand the various types available and their features. Here are some of the most common types of helmet Bluetooth speakers:

Sports Helmet Bluetooth Speakers
Sports helmet Bluetooth speakers allow cyclists and skaters to listen to music or answer phone calls by simply pushing a button on their handlebars. These speakers are usually waterproof, dustproof and have great sound quality regardless of weather conditions.

Boombox Helmet Bluetooth Speakers
Boombox helmet speakers allow you to listen to music at higher volumes than other types of headgear. They feature 360⁰ sound with dual drivers for louder sound and higher bass response. Some also will add surround sound from other connected speakers, making your musical experience truly immersive.

Dual-Speaker Helmet Bluetooth Speakers
dual-speaker helmets allow for stereo separation with two independent audio channels that deliver 50 watts of clear sound and deep bass tones. Most double-speaker helmets easily sync with a variety of smartphones for hands-free conversations or access to digital goods like podcasts or radio stations.

Noise Cancelling Helmet Bluetooth Speakers
Noise cancelling helmet speakers are specially designed to reduce external noise while still providing users with a clear sound experience while they ride/skate on their journey; these include wind noise, echo, engine noises, etc. Many have ANC (active noise cancellation) technology built in that can adjust accordingly according to the rider’s environment.

Features of Helmet Bluetooth Speakers

Helmet Bluetooth speakers help make motorcycling more enjoyable and safe by providing sound for riders on the roads. The best helmet Bluetooth speakers provide crisp, clear sound and offer different audio settings and functions to suit the individual rider’s preferences.

Features that should look for when selecting a helmet Bluetooth speaker are:
-Bluetooth compatibility: Look for a device with an RDS radio that is able to connect to any compatible smartphone or MP3 player via Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
-Noise cancellation technology: Noise cancellation ensures that background noise doesn’t interfere with music playback, enabling riders to focus on the road without distraction from outside sounds.
-Comfortability/sturdiness: The design of the speaker should be comfortable and lightweight to protect against wear after extended use; additionally, it should be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and moisture contact.
-Battery life: Battery life is important since you don’t want your device running out of juice mid-trip; a reliable battery will ensure you get uninterrupted miles of riding at maximum pleasure let alone safety, no matter how long your destination is.
-Sound quality: Offering high quality audio through a balanced frequency response range regardless of volume or speed will make all kinds of music enjoyable while riding; powerful bass also adds layers of texture to the mix, allowing riders full immersion in their favorite tracks while they cruise along the highway – all with no external distortion! Last but not least, intuitive controls bring convenience making sure you can adjust your settings in a jiffy at any time during your journey so you never miss out anything on its way!

How to Choose the Best

Choosing the best helmet Bluetooth speaker entails considering multiple factors to ensure you find a device that meets all of your needs. Most importantly, the size and type of helmet. Depending on the shape and size, helmets will require different sizes and types of speakers. It’s important to do some research and find a speaker that fits your requirements.

In addition to compatibility, it’s important to think about practicality when choosing a helmet speaker. Many models come with external controls that are pre-installed with volume buttons as well as microphone ports for taking calls or chatting hands free while riding. The sound quality should also be considered, making sure that the device can adapt naturally to different frequencies so you can enjoy music in its fullest potential no matter what genre you prefer.

It’s also worth noting that battery life is an important factor when determining which helmet Bluetooth speaker is best for you; if you plan on using it for extended periods of time make sure it has enough power and runs through multiple charge cycles without losing power quickly. Finally, consider any additional features such as waterproofing or noise reduction capabilities as they will be beneficial depending on the situation in which you’re using them.

Pros and Cons

Helmet Bluetooth speakers are increasingly popular among cyclists, motorcyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They provide convenient access to audio streaming from your device while keeping your hands free for activities like cycling or riding a motorcycle. To help you decide if helmet Bluetooth speakers are the right choice for you, we’ve gathered some information about their pros and cons below.

-Compact design, allowing easy access to audio streams from your devices
-Hands-free listening — perfect for cycling or motorcycle rides
-Clear sound quality and connectivity with most Bluetooth enabled devices
-Good battery life — typically several hours of battery life per charge
-A variety of mounting options to suit any helmet design or activity

-Can be difficult to operate while wearing gloves or in wet conditions. -Extra weight can affect balance or comfort when wearing a helmet
-Volume control is usually limited when using speakers as opposed to headphones -Audio output can be compromised in certain weather conditions
-Headset modification may be needed if wireless signal strength is weak in certain locations


Overall, the best bluetooth speakers for your helmet will depend on your personal audio needs. Consider factors such as sound quality, battery life, and compatibility when choosing the right one for you. Some systems are more powerful than others, so take your time to find the solution with your desired specifications. As a general rule, it’s better to spend more since this ensures higher quality sound. Higher priced speakers provide better sound insulation and clarity while lower priced ones often have weaker components that won’t perform to their full potential. Finally, keep in mind that if you’re not already familiar with bluetooth technology, it may be a good idea to review all of your options before making a purchase.

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